North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate


The Environment and Water Utilities Department consists of two sections:

  • Community Water Supply Section
  • Waste-Management and Tender-Preparation Section

The sections provide expert, data recording, planning and tendering operation tasks, which touch the environmental and water-supply fields.

Water supply and canalization data of the 459 communities in the Directorate's area:


1. Community water supply activities:

1.1.Drinking-water supply:

The population in the Directorate's area is more than 1 million in 459 communities. The work to supply each and every community with quality drinking water has been completed. The quantity and pressure of supplied water meets all demands completely without limitation and securely.

The low utilization of capacity is typical of drinking-water supply. The record output of the waterworks is 500 000 m3 a day. On the other hand the utilization is 180 000 m3 a day. The specific public use of water is 70/80 l/person a day.
Around 80 % of the flats have water-systems. It's more disadvantageous, than the territorial average.

Although the quality of drinking water is far better then it was in the distant past, it's objectionable on occasion. The drinking-water contains much more arsenic, ammonium, boron, iron and manganese than as prescribed by the Orders 47/2005 and 201/2001 in many communities. The Order in Council orders to realize drinking-water-quality-development investments up to 2006 and 2009 respectively.

Actual drinking-water-quality-improving investments:

- Emőd's area
- Harsány-Vatta-Csincse
- The area of Pálháza, Kovácsvágás, Bózsva, Kishuta, Nagyhuta, Vágáshuta, Filkeháza, Nyíri, Füzérkomlós, Füzérkajata, Pusztafalu, Füzér, Hollóháza and Kéked

1.2. Canalization and sewage treatment:

243 of 459 communities within our territory have drainage but only 40% of households are connected.

As an expert, our department contributes in the realization of national and regional projects, which are connected to the canalization and elimination of sewage. Besides this we keep continuous records and supply data of the sewage facilities in the Management's area.

Actual canalization and sewage-treatment plans:

- Jósvafő's area
- Tomor
- Lak
- Balajt
- Tornaszentjakab
- Alsóberecki, Felsőberecki, Karos
- Szentistván.

2. Waste-management and other environmental activities:

* Supply of territorial tasks in connection with the VICE/KÖVICE assistances ( control, assessment, submission )

Favoured proposals:

- Clearance of beds and banks of brooks and rivers (15 pieces)
- Getting in and treatment of lone wastes in public places (2 pieces)
- Preparation and realization of developments, which improve the water supply of the communities (2 pieces)
- Improvement of the conditions of water-management in the area (8 pieces)
- Setup of domestic systems of preferences, which serve the utilization of renewable energy (1 piece)
- Development of selective waste collection (68 pieces)

* Revision of the Waste-management Plan of the Northen Hungarian Statistical Region,
* Fulfilment of supply of data in connection with waste-management and air-cleaning protection,
* Contribution in the collection and processing of OSAP data concerning the waste-management,
* Preparation and assembly of the tender dossier.

3. Expert activity

We make water supply and drainage technical expert opinions, expert- and plan documentations on the grounds of the law and on behalf of the exterior commission.

State tasks:

- report on conurbation revision documents,
- revision of capacity-utilization of sewage works,
- report on feasibility studys,
- statistical supplying of data,
- environmental expert works.

Exterior expert works:

Our department is able to compile water-law operation and concession plans of industrial firms. Furthermore we undertake working out plans with conception- and consent of principle for hydraulic engineering works for communities of the area, which are obligated to develop drinking-water quality.

We took part in the following projects:

  • Preparation of the "Document of consent of principle for hydraulic engineering works to the programs of developing drinking-water quality of Heves county",
  • Preparation of plan-document of " Solution of water supply and drinking-water development in the "Hegyközi" communities with building up a regional system",
  • Preparation of the " Conception of non-series sewage disposal and utilization" in the communities under 2000 residents.

North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate
North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate
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