North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate


Natural Conditions

The North Hungarian Region is the most diversified part of Hungary, if we take into consideration its geographical and natural conditions. Our territory is 10 290 km2 where the Northern Mountain and the Great Hungarian Plain meet each other. On this part of Hungary coal and ore mines are situated, mixed minerals can be found, a lot of forests cover the mountains and mineral, health and thermal water regions have historical tradition in this area (Foot of the Bükk Mountain, Mátra Mountain and Foothill of Tokaj Mountain, Eger Region). The 3/4 part of our rivers' catcth ment areas situated in Slovakia so the quantity and the quality of the crossboarder rivers like Bodrog, Sajó, Hernád depend on the natural and human factors of the Slovakian part. The Tisza river and its upper tributaries have intense water level fluctuation. The water level raising is very frequent occurrence in the boarder sections. Sometimes it reaches meters a day. This is the fact that shows why we depend on the crossboarder catchment areas. The serious floods of 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001 call our attention to the importance of the international cooperation, cooperation of the local and the Hungarian Government and the development of the water management.

Flood Prevention, Protection and River Management

The goal of flood prevention and protection is to maintain and improve the flood levees and carry out the constructions related to it. The total length of the dikes in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County is 605,289 km, which consists of 584,589 km dikes, 3.9 km flood protection wall and 16.8 highbank. In Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County the area endangered by the floods of the Tisza, Sajó, Bodrog and Hernád rivers is 1501 km2. From this area the dike protected territory is 1171 km2, 330 km2 is not protected floodplain. The county's first-rate protection lines are 451 km long whereof 412.5 km is in our management (this length contains the 8 dike sections situated around the villages on the right side of the Bodrog river.). In Heves County we have 137.1 km dikes from which 73.8 km is not high enough and 80.4 km is not developed enough. These underdeveloped sections are along of the Laskó and the Tarna rivers.

The dikes prevent and protect areas which along the right side of the Tisza river can be well separated geographically. These territories are the Bodrogköz, the Taktaköz and the Dél-Borsod area. In the valley of Sajó and Hernád rivers we haven"t got continuous flood levee. Floodplains and protected areas changes ín this valley.

The main goal of the river management is to main-tain and allow the naturat riverbed processes in the spirit of nature.

The river length that belongs to our Directorate is 103.7 km along the river Tisza, 51.1 km along the Bodrog, 118.4 km along the river Hernád and 125.1 km along the river Sajó which river sections have 243.5 km regulated and partly regulated parts. And we have to maintain and operate the Tiszalök Barrage and the weir, situated on the river Hernád at Hernádszurdok.

North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate
North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate
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