North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate

Inland Water Management

The territory of the Directorate can be sitted into two parts. The first part is the northern area which hasa big descent and the southern region which needs flatland water management.

Water management in the mountainous and hilly regions

The directorate deals with approximately 8114 km2 involving the Zemplén mountain, the Cserhát, the Aggtelek - karsts, the Hills Heves - Délborsod, the Bükk and the Mátra mountains where we can find the highest point of Hungary. The area's boundaries are the Slovakian boarder on North, the river Bodrog and the river Takta on the South-East, the Hejő Szadna canal and the Budapest - Miskolc railway line on South, and the catch ment area of the Tarna on South-West and South. Some part of the hilly region areas are covered by forests, the significant part is agricultural area and densely populated zones. Besides the streams of the Mátra mountain, the natural creeks of the Zemplén's karstsprings we can find canals which transport the runoff water seasonally. In this hilly region there are - alt together - 663 km long watercourses maintained and developed by the Directorate and owned by the Hungarian Government. 2200 km of the canals are managed by Water Management Associations, and the same length of watercourses which are managed by local governments. The Directorate deals with the reservoirs and the bigger watercourses on our territory. As we are an EU member, taking the EU WDF into consideration one of our very important tasks is to keep the waters in a good ecological status.

Flatland watershed organization

Our flatland catchment area is boarded by the Budapest - Miskolc, Miskolc - Szerencs - Sátoraljaújhely railway lines and the Slovakian boarder on North and North-West and on South and South-East the Tisza river.

This area is endangered by inland waters because of surface of the terrain. From the 2178 km inland water canals we are responsible for 616.9 km, the others are in the hands of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Water Management Associations and the Local Governments. The pump stations on the territory of our Directorate can transfer 76.04 m3/s into the rivers. The Directorate has three inland water systems that contain seven areas. The 70% of the areas is situated deeperthan the Standard Flood Levels of the Tisza and the Bodrog. The another 30% is higher.

Agriculture water exploitations

The agriculture also changed in Hungary in the 1990s. The agriculture cooperatives were closed down. Most of the irrigation stations went to ruin and it caused the decrease of the irrigated areas parallel with the lands' cultivation. 19 027 ha, (47 016 acres) are irrigated and it has decreased recently. Our water exploitation works: the reservoir of Monok, Gelej, Gyöngyös Nagyréde and 113.7 km irrigation canals.

North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate
North-Hungarian Water Conservancy Directorate
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